Major Policy Victories


Improved the accessibility of COVID testing locations

Fought to get vaccines for the most medically vulnerable among us

Secured Closed Captioning for digital learning


Successfully advocated, institutionalized, and navigated negotiations for a pilot Peer Liaison (PL) program for the disability community


Successfully led Yale’s commitment to fossil fuel divestment, the most ambitious commitment to divestment in the University’s history


Protected survivors by securing amnesty for violations of the community compact when reporting sexual misconduct

How We've Fought For:



Successfully advocated, institutionalized, and navigated negotiations for a pilot Peer Liaison (PL) program for the disability community


Secured funding for the Disability Peer Mentor Program 


Ensured Peer Mentors get paid for their service to the university and the community


Served as Vice President of Disability Empowerment for Yale (DEFY), the university’s largest disability advocacy organization 


Secured Closed Captioning & made it available to students for online courses

Successfully lobbied for staff expansion of Student Accessibility Services (+1) and the Office of Institutional Equity Access (+3) 

Have been working with SAS and the YCDO to get re-accessorize SAS to accessibility standards 

Pushed to move SAS to a new location (pending summer 2021)


Successfully advocated for the implementation of relaxed performances at Yale’s two largest-scale undergraduate performances with the Yale Dramatic Association


Secured Closed Captioning for Yale Dramatic Association theater performances


Collaborated with the Yale School of Drama in developing comprehensive accessibility guidelines for audition, rehearsal, and performances for Yale undergraduate theater.


Co-ordinated a more equitable vaccine rollout inclusive of disability needs

When state roll-out policies changed, vocally advocated for a return to CDC best practices 

Improved the accessibility of COVID-19 testing locations

Chaired the YCC Accessibility x Dining Taskforce 

Founded the first and only disability studies journal on campus


Founding director of the YCC Disability Affinity Network

Worked to expand Accessibility at Yale webpage to launch August 1st 


Have written in multiple outlets about the plight and needs of the disability community, including the YDN, The Politic & the New Haven Register


Partnered with the Provost’s sub-committee on Education & Accessibility to push for culture and pedagogical shifts among the faculty inclusive of accessibility needs



Organized the Women’s History Month Spotlight & Giveaway with Hema Patel ‘23, Alana Liu ‘23, and Serena Cheng ‘23


Organized a fundraiser for Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day with Yale Pi Phi, Yale Alpha Phi, Yale Theta, and the Women’s Leadership Initiative


Organized a community vigil for Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day with KG Montes ‘22, Hero Magnus ‘22+1, Shaezmina Khan ‘23, and Gianna Griffin ‘23+1


Organized and moderated a Trans Day of Visibility panel event “Queering the (IN)dustry: Transgender Visibility Today! Featuring Laith Ashley and Star Amerasu in collaboration with Ale Campillo ‘21+1 and Akweley Lartey ‘22+1, the Office of LGBTQ+ Resources, the Yale Center for Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration, the Yale School of Drama, La Casa, and the Afro American Cultural Center

Organized a Queer Community Creations Giveaway highlighting BIPOC & Queer creators


Held a Mid-Term study session with the YCC Queer Affinity Network


Served as the Director of the YCC Queer Affinity Network


Helped secure amnesty for violations of the community compact in the event of a report for sexual misconduct

Compiled Women with Disabilities Series for Women’s History Month 



Worked to get off-campus enrolled students reimbursed for COVID tests through Yale Health


Improved the accessibility of COVID testing locations through partnerships with Environmental Health & Safety and working with the Testing Coordinator to ensure students could physically access testing spaces   

Partnered with Yale Health and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to develop an equitable vaccine roll-out strategy 

Pushed the Governor’s Office to re-think their vaccine rollout policy 

Worked with Yale Health to devise different vaccine procedures 


Partner with the Vice Provost for Health Affairs Office to ensure students in need got their COVID and COVID vaccine

needs met

Helped organize a public forum for students to talk to Yale public health officials about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic 

Worked with the CEO of Yale Health Dr. Paul Genecin, Chief of Student Health Dr. Christine Chen, and COO Peter Steere to evaluate feasibility of extending preventative STI testing resources for students studying remotely

Worked with the CEO of Yale Health Dr. Paul Genecin, Chief of Student Health Dr. Christine Chen, and COO Peter Steere to evaluate drug costs for asthma, ADHD, HIV, and diabetes, and strategize on ways to minimize co-pay costs for students

Participated in coordinating efforts to get the most medically vulnerable students vaccinated when the State of Connecticut was slow to rollout doses



Organized the YCC’s inaugural LGBTQ+ Wellness Week, with myriad events, including a Queer Wellness Panel, watch party, sewing & craft circle, and more 

Authors of the demands of MHJ at Yale coalition, which include to 1) improve access and quality of care on campus; 2) guarantee that every Yale student, regardless of enrollment status, maintains access to a year-round subsidized Yale Basic and Hospitalization/Specialty Care plan or equivalent; 3) eliminate the application for reinstatement for medical, financial, and personal withdrawals, including any stipulations on how this time is spent; 4) allow any healthcare professional (including therapists, psychiatrists, and any clinicians) to obtain Dean’s excuses on behalf of students. Deans will be obligated to honor the request of the professional, mirroring Title IX’s current practice; and 5) implement a Preferred Partner Organization (PPO) insurance option.

Collaborated with Dr. Roderick Ferguson, professor of WGSS and expert in social theory and social movements, to discuss potential avenues for future advocacy in support of mental health reform.

Organizers with Mental Health Justice at Yale 



Advocated for the expansion of the van service fleet which results in four vehicles being added 


Reduced Special Service Vans wait time by 30%


Accessorized all Special Services Vans (SSVs) with suitable wheelchair and mobility-aid devices 



Served as an organizer and press liaison for the Harvard-Yale protest, the largest collegiate climate protest in US history

Organized the September 2019 Endowment Justice Coalition Climate Strike, one of the largest protests in Yale’s history with over 1,500 students in attendance

Worked as a digital organizer for the successful Yale Forward campaign in the summer of 2020, nominating Maggie Thomas to the Yale Board of Trustees ballot, now the Chief of Staff of President Biden’s Committee on Domestic Climate Policy

Presented at a discussion panel on Why Yale Must Become a Global Leader in Sustainability featuring YCC President Aliesa Bahri, Yale Blue Green, YSEC, and the Yale Office of Sustainability


Released Monthly Climate Action Pledge Series w/ YSEC and the Office of Sustainability, incentivizing participation with Snackpass & UberEats gift cards


Wrote an op-ed on the organizing efforts of the Endowment Justice Coalition for the Yale Daily News. 


Applied for and was accepted to the Global University Climate Forum


Rolled out Small Steps, Big Impact Initiative with Climate Stories & Low Impact Environmentalist Kits 


Presented on the moral imperative of divestment to the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility


Advocated for a representative who specialized in the social impacts of climate change and for student representation on the Committee on Fossil Fuel Investment Principles through a memo to President Salovey and Chair Jonathan Macey


Advocated for student representation on the Sustainability Advisory Council and/or the Implementation Steering Committee, both of which meet regularly and are key voices in high-level decision-making around sustainability at Yale

Lobbied to the Committee on Fossil Fuel Investment Principles on two occasions on the principles of the Ethical Investor that opened the door to divestment, the dangers of inaction, and our overwhelmingly supportive student data.

Organized Yale community members to submit their feedback to the Committee on Fossil Fuel Investment Principles Feedback Form

Regularly connected with YSEC & other affiliated coalition groups, as well as YFAM, Dwight Hall, and others


Developed a guide setting sustainable events standards for all future in-person YCC events, including ensuring 50% of all food-related costs go towards supporting women-  and BIPOC-owned local businesses


Expanded access to solar-powered chargers by procuring more chargers for check-out at Bass Library in collaboration with YSEC


Worked with the UOFC committee to fortify considerations for sustainability/green event-planning


Developed a First Year Sustainability Orientation Program with the YCDO and the Office of Sustainability that was piloted in the spring of 2021 and that we look forward to implementing in the fall


Developed a FroCo Sustainability Orientation Program with the YCDO and the Office of Sustainability that we look forward to implementing in the fall


Worked with the YCC Business Team and YCDO to put together “Yale Low-Impact Starter Kits” for first-year students


Ran a series of “Small Steps, Big Impacts” initiatives with gift card giveaways


Managed the expansion and institutionalization of the Shareware program with GREEN and the Office of Sustainability


Worked with Project Chair Verenice Torres ’23 to institutionalize a compost bin check-out program


Held a Climate Conversations: Centering Justice & Local Voices Panel Event, with over 100 student attendees, featuring Mayor Justin Elicker


Developed a Sustainable Dining Proposal in collaboration with GREEN, YSEC, and the Sustainability Liaisons, that we look forward to implementing in our in-person events this fall


  • Determine ways to source our food more locally

  • Expand and enhance Yale’s composting system

  • Expand access to reusables

  • Encourage more plant-based diets



Advocated on behalf of New Haven Rising in support of the #taxyale movement, by supporting the recent Senate resolution and serving as the YCC sponsor for the New Haven Rising Spring 2021 teach-in


Founded a free theater arts education program for New Haven high school students

  • Hired 12 professional Guest Artists from across the country to teach a Fall Acting Intensive, a Fall Theater Design Workshop, and a Spring Acting Intensive

  • Employed 8 Yale College undergraduate teaching assistants in order to implement more 1 on 1 teaching opportunities for the New Haven students


Expanded theater accessibility to New Haveners and fortified outreach efforts in arts engagement

  • Provide free ticket blocks to community centers in New Haven

  • Student Matinee 

  • Pay-what-you-can productions


Tutor students in science, math, and language arts through the Urban Improvement Corps



Co-moderated the BSDY town hall on the future of policing at Yale, conducted an Instagram Live which focused on addressing concerns and questions regarding the second two demands of the coalition, dismantling of the YPD, and reinvestment in New Haven.

Served on Yale College Council x Black Students for Disarmament at Yale Task Force

Organized and conducted outreach to student groups across campus to support the demands of BSDY and co-sponsor the recent Town Hall

Author of the YCC's 5-Year Plan on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion to be submitted to Kimberly Goff-Crews, Vice President for Student Life

Helped draft YCC and student-body response to the January 6th Capitol Insurrection 

Served as the Endowment Justice Coalition’s representative on the

Abolition Alliance at Yale, a student coalition comprised of organizations advocating for the demands of Black Students for Disarmament at Yale

Worked for over two years at Causa, Oregon’s premier immigrant rights advocacy organization 

  • Helped spearhead successful campaign to defeat a ballot measure that would have rescinded Oregon’s sanctuary status

  • Successfully mobilized campaign that enabled undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses and drive on Oregon roads 


Grew up in the Chicano civil rights movement, especially involved with Pioneros Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)

Served the campus disability community for two years at Disability Empowerment for Yale (DEFY) 

Testified before the YCC Senate in favor of the BSDY resolution 

Led an equity advocacy movement at Pacific Ridge School, that centered on hiring faculty of color, expanding ethnic studies programming, and establishing avenues for addressing discrimination & harassment


Served on the Board of Trustees YCC Task Force to strategize plans for a YDN forum and a potential YCC endorsement


Moderated and hosted ‘Natives in STEM’ forum 


Involved in community efforts for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women's (MMIW) Day

A member of the Endowment Justice Coalition


A member of the Association of Native Americans at Yale (ANAAY)


A founding member of the Native American Affinity Network 


Members of La Casa Cultural 


Members of the LGBTQ+ Resource Center