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Together, we can leave Yale better than we found it 

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Joaquín Lara Midkiff '23

for YCC President

Jordi Bertrán Ramírez '23+1

for YCC Vice President

I’m the son of an immigrant farmworker and a civil servant. My childhood was defined by growing up in the Chicano movement. And I got my start in organizing fighting for the undocumented. When I arrived at Yale two years ago, I took up new causes: disability rights and expanding the franchise of an accessible education. 

Since being at Yale, I’ve served as senator, Accessibility Chair on the Executive Board, an Affinity Network Director, and a community leader.

In and outside student government, I've organized for communities of color, the disability community, and beyond.  I expanded insurance coverage to remote students, won the first Peer Liaison program in twelve years, fought to get shots in the arms of the people who need it most, charted an accessibility vision for a post-COVID Yale, cut Special Service Van wait times by 30%, secured closed captioning, co-sponsored STEM curricular reform, and more. I’ve worked tirelessly to represent your needs.

In my years of organizing, I’ve learned valuable lessons about how to cooperate with others in pursuit of a better future. My hands-on experience and personal history as a disabled Nahua Mexican-American confer on me a unique perspective—one that makes me stand out as a candidate.

If elected, Jordi and I will bring a combined record of six positions on the YCC across four policy teams, lived experience, integrity, vision, and the daringness to speak truth to power.

My parents emigrated from México to the United States to Southern California, where I quickly grew connected with the local political advocacy and organizing scene. My first successes in advocating for institutional change lie in my work to completely revitalize my high school’s institutional practices, pedagogy, and climate. I founded the Student Equity Advisory, re-introduced affinity groups, and successfully instated major curricular changes that continue to this day. After arriving at Yale in the fall of 2019, I found myself continuing the advocacy work I took part in in high school, fighting for environmental and climate justice. 

My work in advocacy and institutional reform has defined my Yale experience. I’ve been heavily involved in organizing, fighting for the University to divest, pay its fair share, and dismantle the YPD. In my time on the YCC, as senator, Sustainability co-Chair on the Executive Board, and Queer Affinity Network Director, I’ve demonstrated my skill for securing major policy victories and fostering community. I was honored to collaborate with so many campus groups in developing the YCC's first cohesive LGBTQ+ event programming, with a focus on wellness, community building, and empowerment.

From successfully leading Yale’s commitment to fossil fuel divestment, to championing sexual health reform, and developing the YCC’s first cohesive LGBTQ+ event programming, I’ve learned what makes for effective student government.